Packer land here we come


I’m a proponent of not ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ so I rarely speak about work online. The truth is that my level of workplace satisfaction has been on a steady decline for quite some time, and downright miserable for the past year and a half or so. I’ve lost track along the way. I realized part of the reason I was so conflicted about going back to work after Kaylee was born was because there was considerably less to love about the job I was going back to. Maybe I’ll share more on that later, but probably not. Coupled with the current state of Illinois economy, the time is right for a change. And, change sure is coming.

Scott landed a new job a few weeks ago just outside of Green Bay (300 miles away up in packer land). Initially we planned on him going and me staying with the kids until we sold the house. We agreed to try alternating weekend visits for a few months at which point we’d regroup. We even traded in the FJ for a VW Bug to save on gas mileage while we braced ourselves for the very real chance that we will go into debt while paying a mortgage in one state, rent in another, and full-day daycare for both kids for the first time. I can’t say i wasn’t a little freaked out at the prospect of becoming a suedo single parent with a six month old in tow, even if it was just temporarily. I was pretty sure I could hold out until Christmas but I’m not sure how long I really would have lasted. I didn’t even give it a second thought. Supporting my husband and an opportunity for better jobs in our field was a no brainier. Living the sacrifice in the meantime while everything (hopefully) came together is another story.¬†I hear sanity is overrated anyway…

Then, I got a job offer too. Now we have two weeks to find a place to live and daycare for the kids before we start work. Oh, and Kaylee’s party is this weekend…I’m up to my eyebrows in boxes, party supplies, and chaos. The debt thing is still looming. We’ll put the house on the market after we’re out and begin the process of trying to sell out-of-state. Finger’s crossed, we’re not underwater yet. Go big or go home, right?

I’ll have lots to talk about soon, but I’ll be away for a while first until life settles down again.



Coming up on the end of my second week back at work. I miss the kids. I can’t seem to manage to get organized. Laundry is piling up. Charlie cries most of the day out of protest. Some days he goes on hunger strikes and refuses to eat until I pick him up after work. Mornings and evenings are a mess when it’s 2 on 1 four days a week. We are all stressed out. It is crazy hard. I am hopeful it will get easier. Until then, we try to laugh as much as we can, sometimes even while crying.

28 weeks: Glucose & Me


I failed my glucose screen by a couple of points and was sent in for the longer 3 hour test on Monday. This required an outpatient visit to the hospital and four¬†blood draws (one upon arrival, then given the glucose solution, then one every hour for the next 3 hours). The 3 hour drink is even more concentrated than the original, larger and sweeter, vaguely reminiscent of Mountain Dew. I chugged it down within the 3 minute timeframe and felt progressively tired and cold as the morning wore on.¬†There were several paitents that day so I was sent back to reception after each draw and had to find my way back to the private drawing rooms on the hour. They sent me out with juice and a granola bar, which I graciously gobbled down after not eating for almost a day,¬†and ended up feeling much better because of it. Turns out I’m fine, my levels were actually on the low end of the scale, well within range. Guess my little guy just wants to stir up some trouble…like father like son ūüôā

Kaylee is 2!


No matter what I do I just can’t seem to get it all together this summer. Today is Kaylee’s birthday(!!) We’re throwing her a super tiny party tomorrow that will hopefully not trigger her new I-don’t-like-anyone-I-don’t-see-every-day¬†stranger/danger shyness. The house is brimming with bee-themed projects¬†in various stages of doneness. The kitchen has been a total disaster for a few weeks. I did manage to get most of the food-y things done last night, but still haven’t tackled the cake(s), poms, balloons…¬†OK, basically half of my to-do list is still undone. I’ll be burning the midnight oil tonight, and will hopefully be back with updates at some point in the near future. My¬† birthday wish is that she takes a nap tomorrow morning. Hear that universe? ¬†


Things are a bit crazier than usual around here¬†and I haven’t had time to post to the blog.¬†Thought I’d pop in for a mini update. Kaylee got Roseola which resulted in an evening trip to the ER last week.¬†I’m super busy with projects and exams as the semester comes to an end. I made a few recipes to share and I’m working on a video¬†and Kaylee’s 21 month love letter. We’ve got a garage sale coming up at the end of the¬† month and planning for her 2nd birthday party is in high gear too. Hope to be back around soon with some details.