ruffle bottom onesie tutorial

There are several ruffle bottom onesie tutorials on the net. In my version the ribbon is sewn into a ruffle directly on the onesie. It may not be the best method, but it does cut out some steps to make the project super quick and easy.

Finished Product:


  • Onesie – in my case a Carter’s newborn size, long sleeved with hand cuffs
  • ribbon
  • sewing machine, scissors, thread, pins, seam ripper, washable fabric pencil (optional, if you want to draw lines for perfectly straight rows of ribbon)



(Note: if you’d like to make sure that your ruffles are perfectly straight, take a moment now to draw lines on the back of the onesie approx. 2 inches apart with fabric pencil before pinning the ribbon to the onesie.)

Step 1: Turn Onesie over so the back is facing up,  and fold end of ribbon over.


Step 2: Align the folded edge of the ribbon to the right side seam on the onesie, pin in place (be careful not to pin through both layers of the onesie, you need to be able to open it to slide it over the sewing machine arm).


Step 3: Place onesie on sewing machine. Line up needle with middle of ribbon and drop presser foot and needle.



Step 4*: backstich to secure, then forward stitch for a few stitches. Fold ribbon towards presser foot.



Step 5*: Lift the presser foot (leave needle down) and use the seam ripper to push the folded ribbon under the presser foot up against the needle.



Step 6*: Drop presser foot. Stitch over folded ribbon. *** Repeat steps 4-6 (fold ribbon, lift presser foot, press folded ribbon under presser foot, drop presser foot and stitch down to onesie) until you reach the side seam on the onesie.



Step 7: Cut ribbon just past side seam.



Step 8: Fold cut ribbon edge under with seam ripper, line up folded edge of ribbon with side seam on onesie.



Step 9: Drop presser foot to hold folded ribbon edge in place. Sew to side seam in onesie.



Step 10: backstitch to secure. Lift presser foot and needle, trim thread.

At this point you have completed one ruffle.



Step 11: Fold another ribbon edge under and pin to back right side of onesie below your first ruffle.



Step 12: Place under presser foot. Align needle near center of ribbon, drop presser foot and needle. Backstitch to secure.



Step 13: Follow steps 4-10 from first ruffle to create second ruffle, folding ribbon under and stitching to onesie until you reach the side seam. Cut second ribbon just after side seam, fold ribbon edge under near side seam and stitch. Backstitch to secure.  

TA-Da! Your new ruffle bottom onesie is finished, or, you can add additional rows of ruffles if you like as well.


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