chocolate covered pretzels tutorial

Chocolate covered pretzels are really pretty easy to make. Once you know how, you’ll kick yourself for paying 2.50 a pretzel at the coffee shop…


  • pretzel rods
  • chocolate
  • topping of choice ( I used dried cranberries and almonds in the tutorial)


  • Parchment paper (or some other non-stick place to put your pretzels while the chocolate cools)
  • microwave
  • heat proof bowl to melt chocolate (ramekins, glass measuring cup, etc)
  • pretzel bags for individual wrapping (optional – available at Michael’s)


The following directions are for white chocolate with cranberry and almonds. Feel free to substitute accordingly.

Gather your pretzels. Your yield will depend on how liberally you apply the chocolate to the pretzels. I typically get between 4-6 pretzels per half cup of chocolate.

If you are using a block of chocolate, shave it. You can also use chips.

put your chocolate into a heat proof dish. I like to use ramekins or measuring cups.

gather and prepare your toppings. I like to put them on a shallow plate with a slight lip.

lay a piece of parchment paper out on your work surface. I like to use extra pretzel rods to hold down the edges if they start to roll up.

microwave your bowl of chocolate for 10 seconds. Remove from microwave and stir. Continue microwaving in 10 second intervals until your chocolate is melted, but still lumpy

it is very easy to over cook chocolate, white chocolate (which isn’t really chocolate at all) is particularly unforgiving. The goal is to store up enough heat energy that the chocolate can finish melting on its own so it won’t burn. Stir until the lumps mostly disappear, but a few are ok. Knowing when to stop heating takes practice, be patient. Overcooked chocolate tends to be thick and rubbery and will not stick the pretzels. If you do burn your chocolate, the best course of action is to add a milk to the cup, microwave for 2 minutes, and enjoy a decadent glass of hot chocolate and start over with a new batch for the pretzels. Alternatively, you can heat the chocolate over a double broiler on the stove.

dip your pretzel into the chocolate. I use a spoon to help coat the pretzels entirely. Go about half to 3/4 of the way up the pretzel leaving sufficient space for a handle.

roll the chocolate covered pretzel in your toppings. If you are having trouble getting your toppings to stick, you can also try sprinkling or pressing the toppings into the chocolate as well.

place the finished pretzels on the parchment paper to cool. The chocolate will solidify when completely cooled. White chocolate cools faster than milk or dark chocolate. Keep this in mind when coating and adding your toppings, your window of opportunity is much shorter with white chocolate.

Wrap them in bags for gifts. Don’t forget to try a few of your creations. I like to use the broken pretzels as test subjects, that way nothing goes to waste 🙂



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