baby foot & hand prints (mini tutorial)

We put together framed footprints for the grandparents for Christmas.

If you want to attemp this, get yourself a baby safe ink pad (and a good bottle of wine). I bought one called “my little prints’ by proud body from Amazon.

The ink isn’t as dark as a regular ink pad so it requires you to apply it heavily to whatever you want a print of. I did Kaylee’s hands and feet, and her feet were by far easier, especially since they tend  keep their hands clenched into fists for the first coupe of months. You’ll also need cardstock, or something else to put the prints on, a frame, baby wipes to clean up the mess, newspaper, a baby, and a helper.

I don’t have pictures of the actual process because wrangling her was a two person job without free hands left over for camera work.  I do have some tips though:

  1. This is easier to do if your baby is sleeping or just waking up but still sleepy
  2. Prepare your workspace before you begin and find a helper. We waited for Kaylee to fall asleep then placed her on top of some newspaper in Scott’s lap. He held her feet steady while I applied the ink and brought the paper up to her foot. We did all the left feet first, then the right. Make sure you have a pack of baby wipes nearby (they clean up the ink beautifully), the stamp pad, newspaper, and your cardstock or whatever you are putting the prints on, and something to place behind the cardstock to create a stable surface (we used a board book) – you’ll need to press fairly firmly to get a good print. 
  3. Bring the paper to the foot or hand rather than the other way around. You’ll want to do this in one smooth motion (foot to paper and quickly but firmly press and hold for a few seconds then pull the foot clear of the paper) You’ve got one shot to get it right. Practice on some printer paper first so you don’t ruin all your nice paper.
  4. Don’t stress out, if it’s just not working or your baby gets fussy, try again later. We did her hands and feet in seperate sessions. If you have a lot to do, try getting one good set of prints then scanning them and printing multiples out on a printer.

Don’t forget to add the name, age, and date before you put it into the frame. Some doublestick tape helps secure it in place over the opening.

We also used the stamp pad to get handprints for our Thanksgiving cards.

I can’t take credit for the poem, I found it on the net:

“This isn’t just a turkey,

As anyone can see.

I made it with my hand

which is a part of me.

It comes with lots of love,

Expecially to say,

I hope you have a very

Happy Thanksgiving Day”

Then I added the turkey details. I was thinking about adding feathers, doing different colored fingers, etc, but in the end I opted for simplicity and I like how it turned out.


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