her obsession with rudolph


Our girl loves her some Christmas, in particular, Kaylee is Rudolph obsessed. She starts most of her mornings talking about some dream she had related to Santa and Rudolph before she even gets out of bed. We sing Christmas songs every night before she falls asleep – Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Jingle Bells are her favorites. She watches the movie on YouTube at least once a week (down from her daily dose around Christmas). We have to skip past the scene with the snow monster though because she totally freaks out when he gives old rudy the smack down. Kaylee also really enjoys Annabelle’s Wish (a cute, but depressing and way too long, story full of hokey country music).

She sleeps with two deer toys too, one with a light-up nose that chases monsters away, and the other just a stuffed animal that has been christened Rudolph and follows her everywhere. She is already counting down ’till next christmas and often comments about how she can’t wait for Santa to bring back the Christmas tree. Her dedication is unwavered even when told it is still months away. Instead, she builds them little houses out of blocks while humming her best rendition of holiday tunes all mashed up together.


32 months


Dear Kaylee,

Guess what?! You are officially potty trained! We accomplished this feat together the week before I went back to work. It took the better part of a weekend and two weeks of prizes as reinforcement. Now you go all by yourself without being reminded.


It’s very exciting. One of the final waypoints along your path towards becoming a big kid. We celebrated with a potty party at the end of the first week as you interest began to fade and it was just the push you needed to keep going.

I am so proud!



30 months


Dear Kaylee,

Welcome to two and a half! Until your baby brother arrived you always seemed so small. Now, seeing you next to Charlie, has pointed out just how much you have grown. Not quite a big kid, but not quite a baby anymore…you’re somewhere in between with an attitude to match. You’ve always been our fiesty, chatty, firecracker with little desire for things like cuddling, sitting still, or inside voices. You’ve always been quirky too, a trait I love about you even when it gets slightly annoying. You are, afterall, the girl who prompted us to remove the doorknobs in the house last month because you kept locking yourself in various rooms. You’re still as loud and rambunctious as ever, but you have started being a bit more cuddly this past month too – probably out of jealousy but, I’ll take it. You like to snuggle up with me on the couch in the mornings now, and jump on my lap whenever it’s baby-free (and sometimes when it’s not). You don’t even protest (much) when I smother you in kisses and tell you how beautiful you are anymore.

You are still processing all the big changes that have come your way recently. You ask to read “I’m a Big Sister” along with “Big Enough for a Bed” before bed every night. You tell everyone we meet about your baby brother Charlie. You seem to like to talk about being a big kid a lot, and these books help give you the vocabulary you need to get through your transitions. You’re still into “Pat the Bunny” too, although you take great delight in mixing it up while we read it; exchanging Paul and Judy’s names so I can correct you. “That’s JUDY!!” you exclaim in your growly voice while pointing to Paul. “No, no, no”, I say, “That’s Paul!” Then you squeal and giggle as if it were the best game in the world. And, when we read “Dear Zoo”, you like to pretend all of the animals are sleeping and we have to try not to wake them up while opening the crates. You say ‘shhhhh, elephant is sleeping, don’t wake him up’ then sneakily open all of the flaps and wait with great anticipation for me to make the book attack you when the animals wake up. You’re so funny! Unfortuately, that’s the best part about bedtime which has increasingly become a struggle.


I used to be able to announce it was time for bed, walk you to your room, get you dressed, tuck you in and leave with little fanfare. Now bedtime has become a huge production which usually ends with one or both of us in tears. Against my better judgement I started reading you bedtime stories in bed. It started out as one or two, but has quickly required reading every book on your shelf, singing rudolph and jingle bells, talking about your day and what you might dream about. Then I tell you I have a secret and I whisper “mommy loves Kaylee” in your ear. You usually throw your arms around my neck and give me a pacifier kiss (yes you still have one at night). When all that is complete you still don’t want me to go and make excuse after excuse for a few more minutes. I usually cave because I don’t want you to feel lonely, and I feel guilty that we don’t get to spend much time together anymore. As much as you frustrate me with your shenanegans, I do look forward to this time of day to focus solely on you.


You know most of your colors now and can identify some letters and numbers. You like 6 for some reason – maybe because that’s Percy’s number on Thomas and Friends? You still love to make crafts, paint, and draw any chance you get. You and daddy have started making things together from the “My Giant Busy Box” in the evenings. He’s definitely not crafty – and mess is totally not his thing, but it’s good for both of you and you love every second of it. (The kit itself is nothing special, but having everything precut and individually packaged has been good for daddy who is new to projects that involve glue and glitter rather than wood and nails).


Speaking of daddy, you are loving having him home. The two of you run and jump and throw and chase all day long. It takes the edge off of spending less time with me. But, you tend to take out your daily frustrations on him too. He’s your rock, the one person in the world you know you can throw yourself against repeatedly and he’ll take all you have to give and more. You can push all of his buttons, at the same time, and he just gives you a squeeze and lets you cry, wail, or thrash until you’ve gotten it all out; never letting on how exasperating you can be when you set your mind to it.


Luckily you are still our sweet little peanut most of the time. And, Charlie is a lucky little boy to have you for his big sister.


visiting Santa


Kaylee’s visit with Santa went surprisingly well this year. She walked right up to him, turned around, and waited for him to put her on his lap. They chatted about what she wanted for Christmas – a Percy train – which was no secret to us since she had been saying that Santa was going to bring her Percy since she first found out about the big guy’s ability to grant wishes. She brought Rudolph along, perhaps to butter him up a little. Needless to say, they hit it off, and she only got shy when she realized the camera girls were not only watching, but also wanted to take her picture.

I brought along the Percy that she asked for and gave it to her shortly after their visit. She told everyone she met over the next few days that she saw Santa and that he gave her a Percy. Oh, if only it could always be this simple to make her day.

35 weeks


I had my 36 week ultrasound last week to see if the baby is still transverse and determine if I needed to keep my c-section appointment. Well, he finally got around to turning around and ended up head down the morning before the exam … Talk about cramming at the last minute. So, my appointment was cancelled before I even left the doctor’s office. Hooray!

The bad news, my doctor will be on vacation when the baby is due. As soon as he told me I had a flashback to the scene in Knocked Up where she freaks out because her doctor promised he would be there and instead ended up away at a family celebration when she went into labor so she runs herself a bubble bath and decides she’s just going to have the baby at home in the tub. I’m not quite that neurotic, but I’m also not very excited about having someone I’ve never met get me through labor and delivery in one piece.

C’est la vie, right?

28 months


Dear kaylee,

You are just weeks away from becoming a big sister, and life is about to change for you (and us) in a big way too. I’ve tried to give you a heads up about what is coming but something always gets lost in translation. The story we tell you about your baby brother is short and focuses on you. You nod knowingly when told you’ll be a big sister and that we’re bringing your brother home from the hospital after Christmas. I skip over the part about being away for several days, but you know grandma and papa are coming to visit. When we talk about the baby you think we’re talking about your dolls and typically run off to get one from the other room.

You are super excited about Christmas this year. You love pointing out every sainta, snowman, and reindeer we pass. You call Christmas trees with lights ‘Christmas time’ and let me know something is definitely not right when the lights on our own tree are off. Thank goodness for led bulbs!


Lately it feels like you are growing up so fast. In the past few weeks you have learned the words to several new songs. While you are still partial to Twinkle Twinkle, your new favorites are Wheels on the Bus & Jingle Bells, followed closely by B.I.N.G.O.  You recently made the transition to a big girl bed. I thought it would take you longer to adjust but you were ready to sleep in it for naptime on the first day and haven’t looked back. You have also decided that you have outgrown our nightly dance. This makes me sad, but my pregnant belly was starting to make this part of our nightly ritual difficult on me and my back anyway.

You have all but stopped eating anything that resembles real food. This is probably due in large part to your emerging molars, but also has a lot to do with the fact that you’re two and can be particularly unreasonable at various points in the day. And then sometimes you’ll pack in more than seems possible for that tiny belly of yours.


Project give up the binky was going great until you got sick last week and we let you keep it with you or two days straight. We had to go through the weening process all over again, but thankfully it was much shorter this time. You got very upset with me the first morning I told you we had to put your binky away and cried for about 30 minutes. You were so mad that you wouldn’t let me sit next to you on the couch. You couldn’t wait for nap time so you could have it again, but much to my surprise, you put it right under your pillow when you woke up without being prompted.  Things have been back to normal since.


You are so much fun these days and I am enjoying every second of you.