I’m a mom living in the Green Bay, Wisconsin – otherwise known as Packer Country or The Great White North

with my awesome husband Scott

our daughter, Kaylee Maxine, and our son, Charles Archer – a.k.a. Charlie,


and our two crazy cats; Murray and Cheza

I work full time as an Instructional Designer for a small nursing college, where I am a principal trainer, project manager, system administrator, web developer, simulation technology expert, + more. Mostly I help people learn to use technology, ease their anxiety, and fix their problems and do my best to live them better off than I found them. I have been a daycare teacher, adjunct college professor, pet sitter, photographer, and free-lance web developer. My interests and tastes change constantly and I love to learn new things so I have collected several hobbies over the years. I have jumped out of a plane, taught a cat and a kid to use the toilet, roasted my own coffee beans, and knit a terribly ugly scarf. My next goal is to learn to play the ukulele and write/illustrate a children’s book. I also love chai lattes, being crafty, research, Photoshop, getting a good deal, and waking up next to my best friend every morning.

As a couple we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to live a greener lifestyle, enjoying the outdoors, watching really bad movies, dreaming about our future, and laughing along the way. Life as we know it has changed in a big way the day our daughter was born…this space is a small glimpse into our journey.

Basic Values & Goals

  • Love, honor, cherish, & protect each other. Everyday. Always.
  • Laugh often
  • Practice the golden rule
  • Lend a hand to those in need who may otherwise not be able to help themselves. Particularly children and animals.
  • Live responsibly & within our means & and strive to leave this world in better shape than when we got here
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. And do our best to live a green lifestyle which mainly takes the form of  buying local/organic/chemical free
  • Lessen our reliance on commercial goods in favor of well made, hand crafted items sold by people and businesses with socially responsible and environmentally consciences practices
  • God/religion is optional – doing the right thing and being a productive, responsible, thoughtful, member of society is not