Look what the cat dragged in…

Coming back to my site after a year and a half is sort of picking up a conversation with an old friend. It is familiar, yet a little strange. I have started this post in my head several times over the past few months but I got bogged down searching for the right words to break the ice.

Last week I decided to go all in and register for the Blogging 101 course offered through Blogging University at WordPress. This post is courtesy of my first assignment and serves as the kick in the butt I needed to begin again and get back in touch with the reason I started this blog in the first place; to chronicle the events in the life of my new family.

I have come to miss writing monthly love letters to Kaylee, and plan to pick those back up again starting on her 5th birthday next month. I imagine this place will become more important now that we are living so far away from friends and family. It will be good to catch up now and look ahead to big things on the horizon like my baby’s first day of kindergarten!


I’ve been looking through the new themes and plan to make some changes to the overall look and feel in the next few days. Hopefully I won’t break the whole darn thing in the process. Fingers crossed.


1 thought on “Look what the cat dragged in…

  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! I know how hard it is to start again when you’ve stopped – especially when you can’t phrase the words exactly like you want to. Good luck with the course and look forward to reading more 🙂

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