6months old


It doesn’t seem like it has been six months already, then I put my now sitting baby down and realize just how fast time has moved for this sleep deprived, working mommy of two.  Charlie has been sleeping great for several months now, waking once at 4am for a snack before finally rising for the day around 6. He has been a bit fussy with teething but is generally happy most of the time.

He still adamantly refuses a pacifier, so we have given up trying. He’s still nursing and has claimed me as his love of choice along with Kaylee’s Foofa doll.

He tends to be a very serious baby, quite bothered by noise and strangers. Unfortunately there is little peace to be found sharing a house with a rambunctious soon to be three year old girl Who thinks stomping her heels means tip-toeing And a broken inside voice (I can’t sleep while she is awake either, buddy).

Charlie is very much a boy. thoroughly enjoying being tossed into the air, tickled, bounced. He enjoys a rousing game of peek-a-boo, silly fart noises, and pulling his sister’s hair. He prefers savory to sweet foods and would much rather suck on a piece of steak than eat anything resembling a fruit purée. That’s my son!

We are settling in to being a family of four with hearts overflowing with love.


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