her obsession with rudolph


Our girl loves her some Christmas, in particular, Kaylee is Rudolph obsessed. She starts most of her mornings talking about some dream she had related to Santa and Rudolph before she even gets out of bed. We sing Christmas songs every night before she falls asleep – Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Jingle Bells are her favorites. She watches the movie on YouTube at least once a week (down from her daily dose around Christmas). We have to skip past the scene with the snow monster though because she totally freaks out when he gives old rudy the smack down. Kaylee also really enjoys Annabelle’s Wish (a cute, but depressing and way too long, story full of hokey country music).

She sleeps with two deer toys too, one with a light-up nose that chases monsters away, and the other just a stuffed animal that has been christened Rudolph and follows her everywhere. She is already counting down ’till next christmas and often comments about how she can’t wait for Santa to bring back the Christmas tree. Her dedication is unwavered even when told it is still months away. Instead, she builds them little houses out of blocks while humming her best rendition of holiday tunes all mashed up together.


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