sensory bin: construction site


I picked up the Toystate Caterpiller Construction Mini Machines (Amazon) pack on sale last week and used it to put together Kaylee’s first official sensory bin. After contemplating what to use for the dirt portion, I settled on oatmeal after raiding the cupboards and stumbling on an old container of oats (I’m really not sure how long it has been there, possibly since we moved in…it is entirely possible that it came with the house) and half a pack of Trader Joe’s mediterranean rice medley. It worked out great and smelled nice too, plus it is all edible just in case she decides to taste-test. Later on I may add a bit of water to make it squishy.


I added some twigs and a few rocks from Kaylee’s ‘collection’ and it was good enough for our first time out. The toys are plastic, a fact I didn’t realize until after they arrived because I wasn’t paying attention to the product description. They seem sturdy enough for this type of play though and I plan on putting them away after play sessions with the bin. That should help keep them both special and unbroken – that’s the hope anyway.

I’m not sure she has ever seen construction equipment so I found a kiddie show on Netflix  called “The Adventures of Chuck and Friends” and put that on while she played. She was completely disinterested in it, but she must have spent close to 2 hours playing with the bin independently between daycare and bedtime – the worst time of the day for us. This is best $10 I’ve spent in a long time.


I plan to pick up “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” in the future for a book tie-in. I’d also like to get her a hard hat or construction costume to wear while she plays if she wants.

I decided to pack everything up into ziplock bags for storage so that I can reuse the bin. I’ll definitely be putting together more bins as time goes on and I’m on the look out for a larger bin so she has more room to play. I’m thinking an under-the-bed storage box will do the trick.


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