29 months


Dear Kaylee,

The past month brought Christmas and new years and soon, a baby brother into your life. You had so much fun this year with presents and Santa Claus and everything else that comes along with the season. It has been fun experiencing everything for the first time with you.


You have decided you really love the story of Rudolph and we’ve watched the movie about a million times. The abominable snow monster freaks you out though, so we have to skip through that part, or end early. The first time you watched it all the way through we heard about the monster who tried to eat Rudolph for days and days. You’re quite sensitive to the injustices of your little world.


Your dad and I are both off on holiday break which means we’ve been spending a lot of time together. We’ve had such a mild winter so far that we have been able to go outside quite a bit without getting all bundled up. You’re pretty dismayed at the lack of snow. You have been talking about building a snowman with daddy for weeks – but we’ve only really had a couple light dustings so far. We did get enough to take you for a sled ride around the yard though, and you loved every second – shouting ‘faster daddy!!!’ around every curve.


You stayed outside until your daddy was all mushed out and your little nose was red from the cold. I think I’m just as excited as you are for the first real snow that will bring with it your long awaited snowman, and the cups of hot cocoa to follow.

Your dad and I will be leaving for the hospital bright and early on Monday morning to have your brother, and you and I will be apart for the first time since you were born. That makes me more sad than I can say, but it’s for a good cause and I’m sure we’ll both be fine in the end. You’ll have a few days of spoiling from Grandma and Papa and I’ll have drugs and sleep deprevation and a box of chocolates to take my mind off of missing you so much. I’m nervous about how you’ll fare over the next few weeks, but I’m excited for you to meet your brother and to start a new journey together as a family of four.

You’ll always be my baby.




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