the year christmas lasted a week

Kaylee woke up Christmas morning to find a shiny red tricycle under the tree. That Santa is a pretty great guy.


But, we had several christmases this year. Kaylee got her first gift when we went to see Santa at the mall. That was followed by a dinner and presents with the family on Saturday (which was so long and drawn out that I pulled several unopened gifts and put them away because the girls lost interest) and finally Christmas day with Grandma and Papa. It was a bit more involved than I was hoping for, but still much more relaxed than last year’s festivities. Although I suppose that is pretty much the norm when attempting to plan holidays with extended family. I often find myself longing for the simplicity of the traditions from my youth and I hope to give that feeling to my own children when things get crazy around here.


This doll was by far her favorite gift. It was stripped naked within minutes of the unboxing and has been with her ever since. They have even taken a few baths together already, much to Kaylee’s delight.


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