Coworker gifts


I made mini lemon loaves, via Tasty Kitchen, to bring to the office this year. Basically a glorified cupcake, they were very simple to make and turned out super moist thanks to the addition of sour cream. The icing on top really makes them pop, producing a lightly crunchy top crust bursting with lemony goodness. Actually I’m still in the process of finishing up since the cute little paper loaf pans I bought from Amazon are larger than what is called for in the recipe and I ended up with half the amount I planned on. Looks like there will be more baking ahead this weekend. (the mini loaf pans were really easy to work with and made cleanup and gifting a breeze).

I baked and wrapped them up during nap time and when Kaylee woke up and saw them sitting on the kitchen counter she joyfully exclaimed “Mommy! Presents for Kaylee?!!” And with that I was one more loaf down, but it was worth it to witness the smile on her face as she gave ‘her present’ a lick.


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