28 months


Dear kaylee,

You are just weeks away from becoming a big sister, and life is about to change for you (and us) in a big way too. I’ve tried to give you a heads up about what is coming but something always gets lost in translation. The story we tell you about your baby brother is short and focuses on you. You nod knowingly when told you’ll be a big sister and that we’re bringing your brother home from the hospital after Christmas. I skip over the part about being away for several days, but you know grandma and papa are coming to visit. When we talk about the baby you think we’re talking about your dolls and typically run off to get one from the other room.

You are super excited about Christmas this year. You love pointing out every sainta, snowman, and reindeer we pass. You call Christmas trees with lights ‘Christmas time’ and let me know something is definitely not right when the lights on our own tree are off. Thank goodness for led bulbs!


Lately it feels like you are growing up so fast. In the past few weeks you have learned the words to several new songs. While you are still partial to Twinkle Twinkle, your new favorites are Wheels on the Bus & Jingle Bells, followed closely by B.I.N.G.O.  You recently made the transition to a big girl bed. I thought it would take you longer to adjust but you were ready to sleep in it for naptime on the first day and haven’t looked back. You have also decided that you have outgrown our nightly dance. This makes me sad, but my pregnant belly was starting to make this part of our nightly ritual difficult on me and my back anyway.

You have all but stopped eating anything that resembles real food. This is probably due in large part to your emerging molars, but also has a lot to do with the fact that you’re two and can be particularly unreasonable at various points in the day. And then sometimes you’ll pack in more than seems possible for that tiny belly of yours.


Project give up the binky was going great until you got sick last week and we let you keep it with you or two days straight. We had to go through the weening process all over again, but thankfully it was much shorter this time. You got very upset with me the first morning I told you we had to put your binky away and cried for about 30 minutes. You were so mad that you wouldn’t let me sit next to you on the couch. You couldn’t wait for nap time so you could have it again, but much to my surprise, you put it right under your pillow when you woke up without being prompted.  Things have been back to normal since.


You are so much fun these days and I am enjoying every second of you.




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