Making Christmas


We put the tree up during nap time over Thanksgiving weekend. As soon as she woke up Kaylee pointed to the tree, wide-eyed, and said “Oh! Christmas Time!” (which is what she says every time she sees a tree with lights on it these days). We saved a few ornaments for her, but she had a lot of trouble with the hooks so we ended up helping out. She much prefers taking them back off again and placing them in her basket – perhaps she’s attempting to start her own tradition of a Christmas ornament hunt. We also got her a mini tree that she could decorate herself – I thought it would be a hit but she could really care less about it. Maybe next year.

Kaylee has really enjoyed the holidays so far and we’re having a lot of fun together now that she’s more interactive. She diligently points out all of the snowmen, reindeer, Santas and stars she sees wherever we go, loves singing Christmas carols, and eating candy canes. I can’t wait until she witnesses her first snow of the season!


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