the saddest pumpkin carving ever…and trick-or-treating

Kaylee helped clean out the pumpkin guts this year. Once some of the slime touched her fingers she was done though. She much preferred coloring the outside instead.

We helped with the carving.

Then somewhere along the way she completely lost it for no apparent reason (it’s hard to tell these days if she’s  upset because she’s teething, tired, or just being a typical terrible two year old. Sometimes she’s all three rolled into one), and never really bounced back. In fact, she woke up from her nap even more grouchy than before.

(Although you can’t tell here) the first time she smiled all day was when we told her it was time to get her costume on and go trick-or-treating (She’s a curious george fanatic – hence the monkey suit). She was happy and spunky and had a great time. We stopped in at about 10 houses and she came home with quite a haul in candy. It was as if the past few hours never happened. There’s no denying she’s a two year old.

Once we got back she reverse trick-or-treated; running to the door, holding out her bag, and saying “trick-or-treat” whenever kids rang our doorbell. We also learned that while she’s never had a candy bar, she’s somehow proficient at opening wrappers all by herself. It seemed like every time we turned around she had another one open, even after we thought we confiscated everything. She ate about 3 fun-size bars, part of a Hershey’s Kiss, and a handful of M&M’s by the time the night was over and went to bed in a sugar coma – a happily perfect ending to what started out as the saddest Halloween ever.


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