our favorite toys: wheely bug

Details: Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug (small) | Amazon | $60

We’ve been blessed with a very busy toddler so I’m always on the lookout for toys that expend a lot of energy. If they can be used inside – over long cold winters – all the better in my book. I bought this bug for Kaylee around her first birthday and while I wouldn’t consider it one of her very favorite toys, it has gotten a lot of use over the past year. There are several different animal varieties to choose from in two sizes (small and large). After reading tons of reviews on the subject, I decided on the smaller size because Kaylee is on the small side for her age and I wanted to be sure her feet would touch the ground from the start. She was able to sit on it and manuever right away, and now that she’s over two, she can really get it going pretty good across the wood floors (not so great on carpet). And, we can easily store it in the house without feeling like we’re tripping over it constantly.

The wheels rotate 360 degrees so it can turn and spin quite well. The seat is actually dense foam which gives it some cushion, and the construction is sturdy with minimal plastic (it shipped pre-assembled!). It is also really low to the ground with a wide wheel base so I have never worried about her falling off. I imagine she will probably outgrow it by her fourth birthday and at some point I may consider picking up the large bug too and pass this one down to the baby. We’ll easily get about five to six years out of it, which is something I wasn’t anticipating when I bought it (and is really amazing for a baby/toddler toy). Overall it is a well made ride-on usable by the pre-trike set that will last through several kids. Highly recommended buy.


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