Outings: Pumpkins & mud puddles

We made our traditional yearly trip out to Hoffman’s Garden Center to get pumpkins. This was our third time, and the best one yet. Kaylee was able to participate more and we all had a great time.

We spent most of our time chasing after her as she ran here and there, but we were the only family there so it really wasn’t that bad. The only time she sat relatively still was while riding in the wagon so we used it to our advantage for a quick family picture.

Kaylee poured food onto the serving spoon (and spilled most of it on the ground), while daddy held it up for the donkeys to eat. She’s been spoiled by all the petty zoos we’ve been to in the past and quickly lost interest and wandered off once she found out we couldn’t actually go into the pen with them.

Our little witch 🙂

Kaylee was actually able to help pick out the pumpkins this time. She liked the really big ones, and the really small ones.

Then she insisted on attempting to pull the wagon by herself, and actually succeeded…She’s a lot stronger than she looks.

Kaylee’s favorite part was spashing in the mud puddles on the way back to the car. She was totally soaked, fairly dirty, and totally proud of herself by the time she had her fill. It doesn’t get much better than this 🙂


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