28 week ultrasound


My ultrasound this week confirmed that the baby is still transverse, even more than last time. Doc B advised a scheduled C-section 5 days before my due date, since ‘sideways babies don’t come out on their own’. Thanks for the tip Doc…That puts delivery day at December 30th. This news came as an unexpected shock since I didn’t have any problems delivering Kaylee vaginally. Apparantly second pregnancies and anterior placentas can be contributing factors. Anechdotally I’ve also heard that boys tend to give you more trouble. The few people I’ve mentioned my problematic pregnancy to always ask ‘are you having a boy?’

So, I’ve been trying to mentally prepare for this over the past few weeks since learning it was a possibility. I’m freaking out a little bit over the unknown, and of course, all the horror stories I’ve read on the Internet are not helping matters. I’m working on a list of tips and items that people have said help during the healing process, because, well…that’s what I do. I should really find a new hobby.

I mentioned the Spinning Babies website to Doc B which was met with a resolute “doesn’t work”. Could all of the success stories be wrong? Possibly… a very high percentage of babies will turn on their own in the days leading up to labor despite any acrobatics on the mother’s part. But, considering I haven’t felt him turn once yet (Kaylee was sumersaulting regularly by this point) I don’t have high hopes that he’ll budge any time soon. The doc offered the option of attempting to manually move him around from the outside – a procedure called and External Cephalic Version. It would need to be performed at the hospital close to my due date, with the aid of an ultrasound and drugs to relax my muscles.It can be painful, cause stress to the baby, and there’s no guarantee it will work. As of right now I’m thinking I’ll probably pass.


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