28 weeks: Glucose & Me

I failed my glucose screen by a couple of points and was sent in for the longer 3 hour test on Monday. This required an outpatient visit to the hospital and four blood draws (one upon arrival, then given the glucose solution, then one every hour for the next 3 hours). The 3 hour drink is even more concentrated than the original, larger and sweeter, vaguely reminiscent of Mountain Dew. I chugged it down within the 3 minute timeframe and felt progressively tired and cold as the morning wore on. There were several paitents that day so I was sent back to reception after each draw and had to find my way back to the private drawing rooms on the hour. They sent me out with juice and a granola bar, which I graciously gobbled down after not eating for almost a day, and ended up feeling much better because of it. Turns out I’m fine, my levels were actually on the low end of the scale, well within range. Guess my little guy just wants to stir up some trouble…like father like son 🙂


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