The Hospital Bag: Round 2

I brought too much with me to the hospital last time (exhibit A). I was heavily influenced by the multitude of must-have item lists on the Internet. Without any experience at being a new mom or a hospital resident, I tried to strike a balance between bringing too much and not enough…let’s just say I overpacked by a longshot.  First, I went way overboard on the food – we probably could have survived a disaster for three weeks with what I smuggled into my bag. Worried that we might not have access to anything to eat after delivery and that my husband might go hungry for a few hours (*gasp*), I packed for a trip to the middle of nowhere and yet the hospital is 30 minutes from home and there is a star bucks down the street, not to mention a full-service cafeteria and all of my meals were provided (and actually edible). Plus, even though it was almost 24 hours before I got to eat, it really wasn’t the most important thing on my mind. This time I’ll bring a couple bars, in case we have a midnight delivery, and a couple packets of propel drink mix to add into the gallons of water I’ll be drinking over the following days. And, chocolate.

I packed an entire bag for Scott last time and he ended up going home to shower the day after delivery. I really don’t blame him. My bathroom was like a scene out of a slasher-flick despite the best effort of the cleaning crew – I didn’t even want to go in there. Needless to say, he didn’t need the bag full of crap I packed for him either. I anticipate he’ll do the same this time too – only he’ll probably be away longer to spend some time with a potentially distraught mommy-less Kaylee. All he’ll need is a change of clothes just in case something happens to what he’s wearing, some basic toiletries, and an optional pillow if he so desires.

The clothes I packed for Kaylee didn’t fit. At 6lbs 10 ounces she couldn’t wear the 0-3 sized outfit I lovingly picked out for her coming home debut, instead she wore a mish mash of outfits in newborn size that her grandma ran out to buy while we were in the hospital. I’m keeping it simple this time by bringing two tee-shirts in 0-3 and newborn to cover the bases, a pair of pants, and a bunting suit. I’m tossing in a blanket (mostly for pictures) and a hat that may or may not fit.

My priorities for myself this time are decent shower gel, a human-sized bath towel (the pitiful excuse for towels at the hospital just didn’t cut it), and comfy socks. I did get one thing right last time – chocolate. This time I’ll get the larger box of Godiva because everyone who visited stole a piece and I didn’t get to enjoy nearly as many as I deserved after just pushing a human being out of my body. I picked up a couple of pairs of comfy socks from Old Navy too – I’m sure I can con someone into putting them on my feet for me should the need arise – and at $5 a pop I can toss them if they come in contact with the aforementioned mess.

The Hospital Bag V. 2

  • My going-home outfit
  • comfy socks
  • Real Bath Towel
  • Philosophy gift set (this gives me a chance to try out a few of their items that I otherwise would not splurge on)
  • make-up, comb, hairties, chapstick, toothbrush/paste, deoderant
  • chocolate
  • ameda hydrogel pads & Earth Mama nipple butter*
  • Gia Pillow (an upgrade from the Bobby which I hated)
  • Tee-shirt, pants, socks, deoderant, toothbrush/toothpaste for Scott
  • 2 tees (two sizes), blanket, hat, socks, pants, snowsuit for the baby**
  • two bars, propel packets, lifesavers/tictacs
  • Big sister gift for Kaylee (have not picked it out yet)
  • iPad + cable, phones + cables
  • Some sort of do-not-disturb sign for the door ( Day two brought a revolving door of people in and out of the room while Scott was away – photographers, nurses, custodians, even the hospital manager showed up to give me a survey on how my stay was going – I was exhausted and ready to stab someone with my fork, I don’t want to deal with it this time)

* I toyed with the idea of bringing along the manual breast pump like last time, but my milk didn’t come in during my stay and I figure leaving it home will give me an excuse to try out a fancy hospital grade pump if I need it.

* *Plus the carseat

Everything fits into one bag (with the exception of pillows, Kaylee’s gift, & baby blanket). If I happened to forget anything essential, Scott can run out to get it or someone can bring it to us. This means less to haul in and out and keep track of while we’re there too.


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