Crafts: Dying fabric

I’ve been going through Kaylee’s old clothes looking for things to pass down to the baby. She spent the first few months in side snap tees and onesies so it is working out pretty well. Sadly, although they looked perfect when I first packed them away, several of her clothes had some mysterious yellow spotting when I pulled them back out of storage. I decided to attempt to remedy the situation by dying them before running out and replacing what were otherwise great basic pieces that we loved the first time around. And, it worked out great! I bought the dye a while ago and put this project off because I was intimidated by the whole process and unsure if it would stain the kitchen sink (which is white…it left no noticable marks) or the washing machine (again, no trace at all on the washer or subsequent loads of laundry). Now our little boy has about 10 dark blue tees and onesies in an assortment of sizes. I even tried it on a pair of Old Navy socks that had dark soles (from going shoeless in the driveway) and it covered up the stains perfectly.

I was so anxious to get started that I began just after Kaylee went to sleep and forgot to change my shirt…my new favorite maternity shirt. The one I thought I’d never pull off (all those horizontal stripes across my prego belly) but have received several compliments on the two times I was able to wear it since it arrived. It used to look like this:

Needless to say it got a few spots on it as I was pouring the bucket of dye water down the drain so I just tossed it in the few inches of dye that were still left in the bucket in an attempt to remedy the situation. Much to my surprise, after just a few minutes it came out looking decent too. You can’t see the splatter marks anymore and I have a unique-ish shirt to wear.

I used powdered Rit dye in Royal Blue with the help of this tutorial website. It was a lot easier and less messy than I thought it would be. Totally worth it and I will definitely be doing more.


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