Bringing Baby Home: “it’s all about me”

I’ve been sort-of obsessing lately about what I’m going to wear post delivery. I know it’s supposed to be all about that adorable outfit we’ll be brining baby home in. I spent way more time than I should have picking out the cute little Gap number for Kaylee that she didn’t get to wear because she was so impossibly tiny. Even the newborn size clothes grandma rushed out to buy for her didn’t really fit until a few weeks after she was born. Plus, she lived in side-snap tees and a diaper for months because she HATED having anything put over her head. Not to mention the whole swaddling thing negates the need for cutsie clothes and she was almost always mummy-wrapped lest we unleash the beast that lay just beneath her overly sensitive newborn skin and those flailing arms of doom. As such, I’m packing two side-snap tees, one newborn and one 0-3,  a pair of stretchie pants and a bunting (okay, so it has cutsie bear ears on the hood, but it will be the dead of winter after all).  We’re going to adore him no matter what he has on anyway.

I wore standard issue hospital gowns (and the weird mesh underwear you hear about all over the Internet) during my stay despite having packed nursing pjs and my own undies. You might think you have an idea of the mess… multiply that picture in your head by 2, or 3, or 10. You’ve spent 9 months building up an excess of fluid in your body that now has to come back out again, with a vengence. I understood rather quickly that anything I owned was not coming back home with me if I wore it. In fact, I came to appreciate the hospital gown so much that I was tempted to swipe (and I did steal a few pairs of the underwear).  My worst decision was to bring my favorite jeans with me to wear home. HHAHAHA….yeah, that wasn’t happening. Even if I could have managed to bend and wiggle enough to get them on, my legs were too swolen from the IV fluids to bother. I ended up going home in what I came in, a dress and flipflops. I want to avoid that this time around.

Enter…My Going-Home Outfit (pictures above):
Maternity French Terry Lounge Hoodie in Barnswallow
Women’s Sherpa Lined Slippers in Sawdust
Women’s Cozy Socks in Coconut Milk
Maternity Roll-panel Yoga Pants
and a nursing tank (still shopping)

It should also make a decent outfit to throw on when someone stops by to visit the baby or if I want to look sort-of put together before Scott gets home from work. I neglected to put enough (any) effort into my own clothes for my first birth. I lived in sweat pants, nursing tanks, and a robe while I was off on leave. I even wore slippers constantly for the first time in my life because my feet were always cold, in the middle of August no less. Nothing in my closet besides these few items fit right – it was all either too big or too small. I always felt frumpy when people came to visit. Not a good combination when mixed with the hormones and exhaustion of being a new parent. Although I kept a few maternity clothes from last time, I ended up buying a mostly new wardrobe – spending more money on first/second trimester duds in the hopes that I’ll be able to use them to get through the awkward tranisition back to real clothes for work in the spring.

I think I’m almost ready…now I just need to get the rest of the pack(ing) in order.


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