Bonner Farm: The Sequel

We attended the Spring Fling at Bonner Farm a few weeks ago. The farm is part of the forest preserve and is maintained as a museum and playground. Kaylee seemed to enjoy herself even more this year. She had a great time at the petting zoo, which featured a SEEP!!!, bunnies, and piglets, a calf, ducks, and 2 itty-bitty baby goats. Kaylee is quite enamored with sheep and goats, probably due to her Shaun the Sheep obsession. And, yes, we let our not quite 2 year old watch tv, daily. It’s funny how the “rules” fly out the window once reality of parenthood sets in. Some days I’m exhausted after an 8+ hour day at work and just need 5 minutes to myself when I walk in the door to decompress and get ready for the evening ahead. Most of the time we plop down on the couch to watch an episode together. Sometimes I take a few minutes to myself to make dinner without tripping over a helpful toddler 5 million times, or heaven forbid, go to the bathroom without her climbing into my lap. And, Kaylee needs time to decompress too – enter Shaun. Maybe she’ll know 10 less words by her birthday because of her TV viewing habit, but I consider it a fair trade for both of our sanity.

A few of the animals were as tall, or taller than she is, but this wasn’t an issue as it was hot and they were all docile. She had a chance to feed them on her own this time too, and she giggled when they nibbled the pellets out of her hand. She cried in protest when it was time to go, so sad that she had to leave her new BFFs behind.


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