Busy Summer

We’ve had a pretty busy summer around here while the blog lay dormant. Two reasons for that; I’m taking 3 classes in an attempt to finish up my degree this fall and the only time I care to touch my computer is for school or work. Also, Kaylee made off with my bag of adapters so I have no way to get pictures transferred to the computer or iPad until it finds its way back.

I have lots to share when I do find the time, including a trip up to the East Troy electric train, BonnerĀ Farm, Lambs Farm, the beach, & the pool. Kaylee turned 21 and then 22 months in between and is as feisty as ever. We’re looking forward to celebrating the 4th, and then her birthday in a few weeks, which also, thankfully, ushers in the end of summer semester.

Scott has become the resident photographer in my stead. His new phone has an 8 mega-pixel camera (although you wouldn’t know it from the pictures), so I’ll be back next week to share a few of our adventures, highlighted with shoddy camera-phone pics.


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