A new couch: Ikea Ektorp in white!

We sold our living room set at the garage sale and have endured a very long, couchless week. I bought the old couches when i moved into my apartment 7 years ago. They were light cream microfiber, buttery in color and super soft to the touch; the epitome of single girl lifestyle. Over the years as I became a cat owner, a wife, and a mom, it became more and more difficult to keep them looking pretty. Once I found myself making daily spot treatments in an attempt to keep up I knew it was time to throw in the towel.

Kaylee  enjoyed all the extra open space while we were in between furniture, but by Monday we were more than ready for a trip to Ikea to pick out the replacement. I already knew exactly what I wanted, the Ektorp, it was just a matter of selling Scott on the idea, particularly the fact that I thought the white cover was the way to go. After reading numerous reviews I knew it was exactly what I was looking for, comfort and quality with the ability to strip the whole thing down ( or just one piece ) and bleach the hell out of it should disaster strike. Or, worst case scenario, buy a new cover for under $100 bucks. the only part I wasn’t sure of was if I wanted the chaise version or the standard couch.

The Ektorp was perfectly comfy in the store, firm with just enough give. Neither of us liked the chaise which was less practical for our space and would limit the ability to add more seating – something we still need to address in the future. However, it had the grey cover on it which looked very sharp and gave me second thoughts about the white slip. But, the nice thing about the Ektorp is I can buy a second cover in grey and change the whole look for $249( the grey cover is in the second tier price point ).

We also tried out the Hovas while we were there, which also has removable slips. It is much longer and deeper than the Ektorp with a softer seat. It was cozy, and a decent size for our space, but a little too big considering my feet didn’t touch the floor when I sat down ( I’m 5’6 ).

In the end we went with the Ektorp in Blekinge white ($350 for the couch frame plus $80 for the cover) and bought the matching ottoman (pictured above with a fresh milk stain, and yes, they do wash up nice) to get the benefits of a chaise without the commitment. In typical Ikea fashion, it was all crammed into a box that seamed way too small for the contents, assembly required. It took about 45 minutes to put it together, most of that time was spent shoving cushions into covers.

The frame is made of particle board, and is quite heavy. It came in three pieces, the main couch with the back and seat already connected together with hinges, and the arms which required 6 bolts to attach – the only assembly.

The cushions were all in individual vacuum sealed bags, but they plumped up as soon as the plastic was opened.

The cover came in a separate box, and was fairly easy to put on. Our biggest challenge was working around a spunky toddler who just could not wait to give the couch her seal of approval, cushions or not.

The couch showed us a few of its pros and cons by the end of the day. The first thing I noticed was that the cover is a fuzz magnet, and being white, it all shows up. We threw a few blankets over it to keep the cat hair at bay – although they have both turned up their noses at it for the moment. Also, within three hours we had our first spill, milk from a leaky sippy cup on the ottoman, which came right out with a squirt of oxy clean and a few rubs of damp cloth ( this always took considerably more time on microfiber ).

I don’t imagine I’ll be stripping it down and washing it any more than the bare minimum necessary to keep it clean. I am hopeful that will mean a couple of times a year at most, but it is so nice to know the option is there. We typically throw a sheet over it to divert the hair, and keep it company-ready.


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