crafts: ticket stub frame

Scott and I have spent a lot of time at the movies, it is our favorite cheapish date. I also have a compulsion to save every ticket stub from everything I attend and have accumulated quite a collection over the years of our relationship. They have been tucked away in a box on our mantel since we moved. When I stumbled across a ticket stub shadow box idea on Pinterest a while back I knew it would be perfect. Of course I didn’t repin it and now that I want to talk about it I’m having trouble locating the original site. The best I could find was an image that someone else pinned.  A prime example of some people’s problem with Pinterest. Oops.

I like this version because unlike other examples I have seen where every ticket is layed out just so, this one does not require a huge frame, fiddling with each ticket individually, and allows for practically unlimited additions without rearranging everything. I don’t really care that each ticket is not prominently displayed. I only want to capture the overall impression of this ‘hobby’ along with the passage of time the volume of stubs we have collected implies.

The inspiration piece had a slit in the top for adding additional stubs, a great plus, but I skipped that step because I was lazy and just wanted to get it on the wall. She also used paper as the background and printed up some words to go inside, giving it a more scrapbook feel. I just wrapped some fabric around the frame backing and attached it with double stick tape.

Tada! Oh, and the frame is from Ikea.

3 thoughts on “crafts: ticket stub frame

  1. so did you find a frame with the slit already, or did you put it in there? I bought a shadow box for the same reason but im not sure how to put the slit in it. Thanks

    • I decided not to cut the slit. You could probably use a dremel to cut it – depending on the type of wood the frame is made from. If it is too thin it might crack. Putting some masking tape over the area before attempting to cut it might help. Good luck 🙂

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