our favorite toys: CIRKUSTÄLT circus tent

We brought this tent home with us from Ikea early last winter. Kaylee didn’t want anything to do with it for months. She would only go inside when being coerced into it and would never hang out for long. That was until her cousin visited a few weeks ago and the two of them had a grand time ‘playing circus’ which consisted of running through the house as fast as they could and charging into the tent until it toppled over, crashing into each other and giggling hysterically the entire time.

Now Kaylee has morphed her favorite game of chase to include hiding inside the tent. After a short period of time, if she is left unfound, she will pop out enthusiastically and yell ‘peek-a-boo’!!!

I have been trying to find ways to turn the living room into a family room and the tent  definitely adds a playroom quality to the space. It’s small enough that we’re not constantly tripping over it, but large enough that one of us can get inside with her. She likes to try to get all of the couch cushions inside then jump on top of them, or cuddle up inside with a favorite blanket while singing happy little songs to herself. The cats also really like it too. Cheza often naps inside the tent when Kaylee isn’t around to terrorize her.

Unfortunately it has not withstood the rigors of toddlerhood the way her other Ikea toys have. It is already starting to rip at the seams, probably because she refuses to duck when she enters, chosing instead to ram her forehead at the doorway until it finally gives way.

And, it probably would have held up much better had it not endured two rambunctious kiddos. I would still recommend it because it is cute,cheap, and doesn’t take up much space.

Product Info:
Cirkustalt Children’s Tent


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