Easter 2012

We had a pretty low-key Easter this year. The morning started with Kaylee emptying her Easter ‘pail’, which seemed more practical than a basket since she can actually use this at the beach this summer. The pail was filled with a Little Red Riding Hood book and a super cute wolf toy from Gund;

I pined over the larger version of this toy on Amazon ($50) for quite some time before stumbling on the smaller, much more affordable ($15) one last month.  It contains characters from several wolf themed stories in its belly.

(link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004TL9Q7O/ref=oh_o01_s01_i00_details)

Kaylee’s most prized gift that morning was a Percy Pez dispenser though, a recycled party favor she received last summer but was too little for at the time. It hasn’t left her sight since she opened it, she even sleeps with it.

The cats were very interested in the pail too.

After Kaylee’s morning nap we headed over to Grandma and PaPa’s house for Grandma Ryan’s almost famous apple pancake and an egg hunt.

Kaylee had a blast picking up all of the eggs, shouting “I DID IT” after placing each one in the basket.

Of course, baby was close at hand at all times.

This is the same jacket she wore last year, and it still fits. One of our best clothing purchases ever! It doesn’t hurt that our little peanut is still a peanut, just slightly taller and much, much, more mobile.


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