Sensible Sippers

We came across R.W. Knudsen  Sensible Sippers at Whole Foods last fall. They have several varieties of organic fruit juice available in toddler friendly sizes. Kaylee’s favorite is the banana flavor but she also enjoys the apple as well. These things were a life savor during her transition from the bottle. She adamantly protested milk for the first few weeks after we took the bottle away and was prone to periods where she wouldn’t drink anything out of a sippy cup at all. She never turned up her nose at these little juice boxes though. There was a period of a few weeks where she would drink 3-4 boxes a day. That got pretty pricey, but thankfully that didn’t last long and the milk ban has been lifted. She also prefers water to juice but she still has a few boxes a week.

I have since set up a Subscribe and Save subscription for them at Amazon and have a 40 pack case delivered to our door every two months. They are also elibigle for an additional discount of 15% through the program which makes them cheaper and easier than picking them up from Whole Foods.  They’re organic, travel & store well, and aren’t packed full of sugar and preservatives which can be hard to find these days. We always keep a few in the diaper bag along with horizon milk boxes.


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