cupcake stand to fruit storage

So, I thought I’d share a repurpose/organizational tip with you. I bought this cupcake stand from World Market for Kaylee’s first birthday. It looked cute and worked out great but it has been sitting on a shelf above the washer and dryer ever since. I was cleaning said shelf the other day and was about to put the cupcake stand in the garage sale pile when I thought of a new use for it.

We are also big fruit eaters and Kaylee adores apples, pears, and bananas so I try to keep a lot on hand. We have lots of cabinets in our kitchen and decent counter space, but no pantry. As such I have had to come up with some creative ideas for food storage. We also have a small fridge so our cold fruit storage is limited to berries, everything else has to sit out. So while apples would keep much longer in the fridge, there simply is not enough room for the amount we eat.

I had been keeping all of the fruit in bowls on the counter but it was ripening, and sometimes spoiling, before we could eat it. Enter the cupcake stand. It works out perfectly and makes it easy to see exactly what we have. Plus the fruit hasn’t spoiled yet, perhaps because there is less physical contact and more air circulation.

I’m looking forward to seeing it filled up with all of the lovely fruit we’re bound to bring home from the farmer’s market this summer.



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