19 months

Dear Kaylee,

Your biggest milestone over the past two weeks was switching from the bottle to the cup. We tried to ease you in to it, starting back in December by reducing the number of bottles you got a day. You didn’t seem to care much when we cut down from 5 to 3. And then, your father struggled getting to you give up the one before your morning nap, and I didn’t have any better luck with your morning or evening ones either. So, one day last month we just decided to take them away, cold turkey. The first two days were horrible. You were sad and angry. You threw your cups at us. You threw your binkies at us. You threw yourself against the floor. You woke up in the middle of the night sobbing, chanting ‘milk, milk, milk’ through your tears. We felt terrible, but we didn’t cave. By the end of the week you forgot all about bottles, you also refuse to drink milk any more either though. Your father and I spent the better part of the last two weeks trying to get through the 4 gallons of milk that were in the fridge without your help. It hasn’t been easy. Once in a while we can sneak a few sips of milk past you, but only when out of a shot glass at the table. Otherwise you drink juice boxes and water, mostly in open cups because you have all but given up on sippy’s too. Your morning bottle has been replaced with yogurt and your evening one with a pouch.  It has been about 3 weeks since we made the switch and our new routine is starting to seem more normal. I miss snuggling with you and gazing into your eyes. Instead, you now sit on my lap while you eat breakfast, the only time you prefer that I feed you rather than holding the spoon yourself.

This month brought 2 new teeth, the worst of the bunch. You’ve been feverish and drooly and just plain miserable off and on for weeks. You’ve also hit the “terrible two’s” a bit early. Often very confident that what is coming out of your mouth makes sense, when your father and I fail to figure you out, an the END-OF-THE-WORLD panic breaks out. You are worse when you are tired, so we can often avoid these little meltdowns if we pay attention to your cues.

You say thank you and are learning to say please. You can ask for your shows ‘sheep’ for Shaun the Sheep, ‘train’ for Thomas the Train, and ‘Timmy Time’  – and demand that we put the right one on at the right time. You also like to watch funny baby videos and videos about animals on YouTube.

You can name all of the parts of your face, along with feet, toes, and hands now. You are also learning the words for the rest of your bits and pieces. You often get twinkle twinkle stuck in your head and hum the tune to yourself before you go to sleep. The other day you sang most of the words to the first verse, causing your father and I do to a double take before boasting to ourselves about how beautiful and talented you are.

We’re teaching you shapes and colors, so far you can pick out a star and circle. You also know all of the ‘sounds’ for counting from 1-10 and can say them in order, but I doubt you have a concept of what you are doing at this point.  You also know what the number ‘2’ looks like and often stick your pointer finger in the air when you hear the word ‘one’.

When we ask you a question you will either say ‘no’, or ‘OK!’ This comes in handy in narrowing down choices when we have no clue what you want. Most of our conversations with you are right on the brink of being ‘real’ so we play a lot of 20 questions lately attempting to figure out  just what you mean when you are  only able to get out parts of words, sometimes all jumbled up together and repeated over and over until we get it right. If we don’t get it right you get frustrated and either drop down to the floor and cry or run screaming from the room. Sometimes you even throw your pacifier for added flair. Nice touch!

You have decided you like the snow, although you could care less for the cold. But, your real loves this past month have been trains and bees. You really enjoy playing with your toy train  and ask for “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo” before bed every night since it arrived in the mail. It has replaced Goodnight Moon as your most beloved book. As for bees, they are showing up in stories, shows, and apps, and you are quite intrigued. You outgrew your Stride-to-Ride dino but it is one of your favorite toys, so we got you a Wheely Bug as an early Easter present to replace it. You have the small bee version of course, and whenever you see it you exclaim ‘BEE!’ then jump on and scoot around the house, faster and faster each time as you gain mastery.

You are still on the fence about your nap schedule but my love, you really do still need two naps even though your stubbornness often gets the better of you… Some days you spend so much energy fiercely protesting your morning nap, only to fall asleep in the car on the way to daycare. Other days you walk into your room, blankie in hand, and ask to go to bed. Your father is a trooper through it all. I have a much harder time dealing with your shenanigans when I’m home with you on the weekends.

The weekend brought with it some great weather so we cleaned up the yard and put your swing set together. You couldn’t wait to go for a ride, shouting, ‘weeeeee’, ‘weeeee’ through a chubby-cheeked grin. You put up quite a protest when it was time to go inside for lunch. Oh, to be one and a half! You bring the sunshine to the world, even on your stormiest days!




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