Tech Tuesdays: Pintrest

Sometimes I wake up before Kaylee in the morning and, when I do, I steal a few moments with my iPad & Pintrest.  I don’t have much time for doing lately, but looking at pretty pictures of the lovely things other people are doing takes the edge off of my crafty cravings.

Pintrest is a self-described digital pin board, but the interface reminds me more of a digital contact sheet of pictures. Every bookmark, or ‘pin’, consists of a picture, a description, and a link to the original (hopefully) location on the web. Pins can be organized into groups called ‘boards’ and categorized to become part of the larger Pinterest collection.

So, you could stop right there and Pintrest would be pretty cool. Great interface, visual bookmarks, cool. But, it gets better. You can browse and search other Pintrest user’s pins. You can comment on, like, and re-pin their pins on to your boards too. Awesome!

When I first heard about it I let it fall off of my radar. At the time I was still using Diigo to organize my bookmarks and didn’t see the need to try out something new. Then a couple of months ago, on a whim, I requested an invite. A week later I receive an email that I could set up an account at my leisure. It took me another week to get everything sorted out – all of my favorite user names were already taken so I had to come up with something new. Once I was on though, I was hooked. I absolutely love that the interface is so visual with picture representations of every bookmark/pin. So much easier to get back to exactly what you want by looking at a picture of the thing you are looking for rather than a description of it. Love.

My only complaint is that support for the iPad is lackluster at best. The iPad version of the app is buggy and I have yet to get the hack to work properly. So, I end up manually adding pins which can be clunky and time-consuming than it should be for such a decent product. I know Pintrest is working on developing an iPad app, and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival at the app store.

You can browse and search the site without an account. Accounts are free, but you will have to request one and be prepared to wait a week. Once you have an account you follow me: !


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