home movies: Hello Snow!

Here’s what we did this morning:

So, it’s been a while, about a month since my last post. But, I’m dropping by to say that I finally had a chance to get a few posts together of some recent projects and happenings. Those are scheduled to be online starting next week.

This semester has been particularly hectic for me so I needed to take a bit of a hiatus from blogging for a while. In addition to working full time and teaching a class, I’m also taking two classes. Homework is a nightmare and I haven’t had a chance to craft much at all and even less to document anything going on. Kaylee’s transition to the cup isn’t going well (more on that later) and the past few weeks she has been waking in the middle of the night demanding two things – me & milk, and handing her a cup at 2 am just throws her into the type of hysterics that none of us easily come down from.

The little bit of spare Internet time I do get each week happens in the brief window between Kaylee falling asleep and passing out myself. All I typically have the energy for is Pintrest. I often fall asleep, curled up with  my iPad, dreaming of all the lovely things other people get to make. I like to fancy myself as a person who can do it all – but the clock and lack of sleep are working against me these days. I’m not complaining, the goals I have chosen for myself take a lot of sacrifice.  I am hopeful that in the end we’ll all be better off because of it and one day my daughter will know that she can accomplish her dreams too with a little determination, a good support system, and a lot of caffiene.


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