17 & almost 18 months

Dear Kaylee,

I cleared out one of the kitchen cupboards a few months ago when I got tired of constantly picking up boxes and cans from around the house (apparently you have a ‘thing’ for icing containers and cans of tomato paste). And, yes, I know I could have just put a child-proof contraption on it. In fact I bought a few, the facy kind with magnet ‘key’s that are supposed to look nicer and be more durable than the rest. I even installed one set but it went so badly that I gave up on the project after finishing the first cabinet (and swearing more in that two hour span of time than I have in my entire life – the librarians are rubbing off on me). Now, I’m actually glad I didn’t finish because they are annoying and the key always sticks to everything it gets close to – pot rest, canisters, knives. But, I digress… Once you realized the cupboard was empty you climbed inside and it has been your favorite place in the house ever since. You’ll sit in there for quite a while, playing with your ever-growing stash of goodies, in the dark.  You like to hide there too. Often times you let us call your name over and over and over again, waiting for us to ‘give up’ and walk out of the room before finally opening the door and shouting ‘boo!’ You still make me laugh every time.

Every day for the past few months you have surprised us with something new that you can do or say. It is amazing how quickly you learn and grow. You have started to string words together to form mini sentences. Your favorites are ‘where’d it go?’, complete with hand gestures (open hands raised up to shoulder level), and ‘more + whatever you want’. “Ooooh Noooo” is a favorite as well.  You know the words for all of the parts of your head, hair and nose are your favorites. You are even starting to call Murray by his name rather than ‘cat.’ You also know some odd words like scarecrow, not sure where you picked that one up but you recognized one in a picture and made sure to point it out, much to my surprise. For whatever reason, you also mix up your G’s and B’s for certain words. You call your pacifier ‘Ginky’, yet your blanket is ‘Blankie’, perhaps this is your way of differentiating between them. You also call books, “Gook”, or just “Gooooo!”

Although we don’t watch sesame street, you know who Elmo is since he is on lots of your stuff like toothpaste, diapers, and Earth’s Best snack boxes (really guys? I find this quite annoying). You call him Melmo, often excitedly ‘MELMO!!!’ You can ‘talk’ about things that have happened in the past now too, and you are getting more and more adamant that things happen a certain way. When they don’t you melt down, usually crumpling into a sad lump on the floor or fleeing from the room to your favorite pouting spot – the rug in front of the patio door in the kitchen. You can be quite terrible when you want to be, but you are also a lot more fun now too.

In fact, you have a bubbly little personality most of the time. You are always chatting, singing, or making some sort of noise. You like to growl like a pirate ‘yaaar’, and fake cough. You love to be chased and tickled too, both of which make you giggle uncontrollably and often end up giving you the hiccups.

You make lots of silly faces.  You walk around on your toes quite a bit, although your baby belly keeps you from appearing graceful just yet. You also seem to really enjoy climbing up on things, you’re still not quite tall enough to get up on the couches just yet though.  You figured out you can go under some things that are in your way now too.

The cats are slowly becomming your buddies. You talk about them often and you think it is hilarious when they fight. I started letting you give them their treats when we get home in the evening. You are so excited about this that as soon as we get in the door you make a beeline for the cat food drawer in the kitchen . My reason for this was two-fold. First, you looooovvvveee to help. Second, Cheza spends most of her time avoiding you like the plague, but she LIVES for treats. So I’m hopeful that the two of you will eventually make amends. I think you’ll have to give up chasing her around the house first though.

You spend the majority of your play time acting out the things you see us do and you are learning to the basics of pretend. You serve us empty plates from your kitchen, which you diligently blow on before handing them over – making sure we don’t burn ourselves on your fabulous creations. You sip pretend drinks from empty cups, and then put everything back away, mostly. Occasionally you think it is hilarious to throw everything on the floor. We  moved your kitchen into our room in order to avoid broken dishes (all your play toys are mini versions of the real thing because mommy HATES plastic dishes and cups with a passion).

You just outgrew all of your clothes again, something I wasn’t quite ready for. Luckily christmas came at just the right time to fill up your closet again. You can now reach the tops of most of our horizontal surfaces when you stand on your tip-toes, so we have had to come up with new strategies for stashing things we don’t want you to get into again. This has been most challenging for your dad, as you can now get at his desk, which he prone to emptying his pockets onto and is covered with lots of fun treasures you can’t wait to touch.

A few months ago you stopped saying ‘dada’. You referred to your father as ‘mama’, and started calling me ‘mommy’. You even sang a little mommy song to rub it in (mom mom mommeeeeee, mom mom momeeeeee). He asked me if I had heard it but it appears as though you only sang it for him…salt in the wounds. Recently you slipped up and sang it for me in the car though and I have to say, it is quite nice 🙂 On the bright side though, you have recently started calling him ‘dada’ again. And, boy am I glad that phase is over! Perhaps this is your peace-offering for giving him such a hard time and taking all of his stuff.




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