crafts: pj pants

I was hoping to make a set of matching pj pants for us for xmas, I bought the fabric and everything, but I just ran out of time (and yeah, I am that big of a dork and I’m dragging my little family with me, but at least they’ll be cozy).

I did manage to make a pair for Kaylee, it is based on a pattern I found over at instructables. I used a pair of her stretch pants for the pattern, as advised in the directions, however the finished product turned out too big. Construction was fairly simple and I finished them up over a couple of weekends. I lost interest at the point where you cut and attach the elastic and had to come back to it later otherwise they could have been completed in a few hours.

They turned out OK. I think the waist is a bit high and the dots don’t quite match up – something I wasn’t anticipating and will pay closer attention to next time. I would also not add as much ‘allowance’ to the top and bottom as the instructions advised since they were really overly roomy for our short, skinny, baby.

Kaylee is a texture girl and instantly went gaga over these pants. I knew it would be a hit when she snuggled up with the fabric while I was cutting the pattern out. The only problem with fleece is that when I sent them through the wash they didn’t shrink, but man did they pill up. They look like they have been well loved already when she only wore them once. This is my first time working with fleece so I’m not sure if that is normal or not. I plan on making her a second pair, modifying based on what I learned this time around. Eventually I’ll get around to a pair for Scott and I too, maybe even in time for next xmas 🙂



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