tech tuesdays: dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage application. It allows you to store files online so that you can access them from anywhere, on almost any device, as long as you have an Internet connection. Another great feature about Dropbox is the ability to share and collaborate on your documents with others. I hate being tethered at work, there I use it to store tutorials and instructions of frequently asked questions so that I can easily pass that information along to my workmates even when I am away from my desk. Now I can respond much more quickly to a frantic email from wherever I happen to be, without having to recreate content or keep track of which version of a file is the newest.

In the classroom I use it to facilitate group work and to share documents with students outside of the course management software – which is clunky at best. Plus, they learn something new that they can use well after the course is over

But, the magic of dropbox is really unleashed once you pair it with your mobile devices. In fact, I use it most often to transfer files between my iPad, phone, and computer. It is the quickest and easiest way I have found to deal with not having a USB port on the iPad. I have been invaluable in helping me get my photos and videos moved around between my devices. There are also several Dropbox enabled apps available that store content you create in them directly to your Dropbox account so that everything is in one place.

All this and the basic account is free. Highly recommended. Learn more at


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