ladder playhouse

The weather has gotten rather chilly lately so our outdoor playtime is often slim to none. This makes all of us a little stir crazy, but seems to bother Kaylee the most. I try to create interesting play areas for her inside the house, and rotate her toys at least once a week to keep her from getting bored. I really want to make her a card table playhouse so she can have a little haven of her own, but I just don’t have the time or drive to even start a project of that magnatude right now. So, in a pinch I threw this little house together with stuff we already had lying around the house. All you need is a ladder, a couple of sheets (these are Full size), and some clothes pins (or anything you can use to secure the sheets to each other and the ladder) and can be assebled in less than 10  minutes – not a stitch of sewing involved.

It worked out perfectly. There is a front and back door, and it is large enough for us to get inside with her. The cats like it too. I’m sure it’s not the safest place in the world, but we watch her while she plays with it so far she hasn’t had the inclination to climb the rungs. She is quite fond of playing a rousing game of ‘Where’s Kaylee’ though.

(when she saw these pictures of herself she exclaimed, “flaow!!!”, which is her word for flower)


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