xmas recap: the year that our stockings were stuffed with flu

Ah, now isn’t that lovely. Breakfast on Christmas morning made by my lovely husband. He’s the best french toast maker I know. That morning turned out just the way I wanted. The three of us at home, in our PJs, enjoying some quality time together.

The surrounding moments of the past week were not so stress-free and lovely.

I was awaked at 1:30 am on Christmas eve, not by the sound of reindeer hooves on the roof, but of a sick baby complete with projectile vomit (the real kind, not that pretend stuff she graced us with before solid food). After a bath and a change of sheets she settled down and returned to sleep a few hours later. She woke up tired and listless and unable to keep anything in her stomach longer than an hour or two. And with that, the fun of the next 4 days was just getting started.

We watched a lot of Gabba and Shaun, and even a bit of Timmy. Kaylee drank lots of water and pedialite, but no milk and refused the cup altogether. By Christmas day Kaylee seemed to be doing better. She was finally able to eat again and was walking, talking, and even smiling too.

We opened our stockings and ate breakfast.

Against our better judgement, we decided make the 3 hour drive out to meet up with the family at Scott’s sister’s house for Christmas dinner (why? catholic guilt). Everything seemed ok until we sat down to the table. After a few bites of ham I was starting to feel sick too. I barely touch my dinner and by the time it was over my stomach sounded like a monster had moved in. Within the hour I had come down with the same thing as Kaylee – except the grownup version was much more violent and lasted twice as long. By that night, Scott succumb to the sickness too. His dad drove us back home in the morning, the longest 3 hours of my life, where we have spent the past few days recovering.

So, Christmas was not as merry for us this year as I would have hoped, but we made it through. We received some really nice gifts, spent some time with family (who all ended up sick too) and are now enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation.


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