crafts: hair accessory organizer

I’ve been seeing these all over the internet lately and just had to make one myself…I made two actually, one for Kaylee and one for her cousin Emily (but I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it up). Super simple, just attach fabric and ribbons to foam board with packing tape and tuck it into a frame. Simple, or so I thought…

I purchased everything from Michaels the other day, cut and assembled it all in less than 30 minutes. Emily’s turned out perfectly. With a few sweet moments of nap time left I moved on to Kaylee’s. Everything was going fine, but then as soon as I put the foam board into the frame it exploded. So much for that…

I didn’t feel like running back out to the store for a new frame so i just attached the frame back to the foam board with tape. That way it still had hooks for hanging on the wall. I actually think it looks fine frame-less, but i will probably keep an eye out for a replacement. In the meantime it will remain a happy accident.

When things don’t work out as expected, as can often be the case when trying something new, it feels more like a waste of time than a learning experience lately. On the bright side, limited time has also forced me to salvage what I can rather than starting over new. The challenge in that is deciding when to really throw in the towel. In my case I tend to give up when I know I’m capable of more and if the end result is leaning more towards “sloppy” than creative interpretation.


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