16 months

Dear Kaylee,

This past month you have started getting better at copying what we say. You are also able to remember so much more too and often surprise us with your ever-growing vocabulary that you seemingly pick up all on your own. You are even starting to attempt to use multiple words together, as in ‘more milk’. While you know a lot of new words, and are able to use them in the correct context, you have recently decided that your favorite one is no. When you don’t get your way you scream it before running off to your favorite pouting place, the floor mat in front of the patio door in the kitchen. You whisper it to yourself when you are about to do something you know you’re not supposed to do. It is your first response to every question, even if you really mean ‘yes’. You even sing it happily while chasing after the cats.

We started reading books together in the mornings several months ago when you decided you would rather watch Gabba than read before bed. This was fine with me because our storytelling sessions tend to be too stimulating for bedtime, and can sometimes last quite longer than expected, where Gabba is done in 20 mins on the dot no matter what and gives you a chance to ‘get your wiggles out’ and relax in time for bed. We keep a stash of your favorite books on the shelf in your room and you make sure we go through each one, sometimes two or three times, before we start the day.  Goodnight Moon is at the top of your hit list, along with Peek-a-Who, Llama Llama Red Pajama, Hippos Go Berserk, & Pat the Bunny. You also have a special place in your heart for There’s a Monster at the End of This Book – one of my favorites as a child as well.

You have lots of new teeth with more on the way. This tends to make you cranky, and most recently, picky about your food. You refuse to chew anything when your gums hurt. This makes for several meals of yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, and mushy fruit and veggies. You do still love Chipolte though, and you scarf it down whenever we go. You particularly like the guacamole, jalapeno and all. unfortunately, because of your ban on food you’re also back to drinking a lot of milk again – which is not helping with the transition to the cup that we started this month. We’re so close too. You’re down to two bottles a day now, one right when you get up and one just before you go down to sleep at night. These have been the hardest for you to part with. We’re working on the evening bottle first, although every time I have tried to send you to bed without it the past couple of weeks you wake up in night crying out for milk. This makes me cranky too.

You also learned a new facial expression, a dirty look complete with furrowed brows. You use it when we do things you don’t approve of, just before yelling “NO!” and running off to your pouting spot. You also give it to strangers that we come upon in our outings – which is a bit embarrassing – until they smile at you at which point you graciously smile back. You can be such a stinker sometimes!

You still enjoy turning lights off and on and off and on over and over and over again. Surprisingly though, you really are not all that interested in  the Christmas lights up all over town. We (I) decided to go light on the holiday decorations this year; the stockings are up along with a light sprinkling of xmas joy but no tree or huge fanfare. Aunt Erin is hosting the family festivities this year so there’s really no need to go all out, and honestly the thought of dragging the boxes out, putting everything up, then taking it all back down again a few weeks later just doesn’t appeal to me this year.  I really don’t want to spend my holiday break with the word ‘no’ spilling out of my mouth as much as it does yours either. I apologize in advance if this ends up causing you mental anguish when you’re old enough to care about such things, but somehow I think you’ll get over it.

I am super excited about spending two whole weeks with you and your dad at the end of the month. We’re going to go see Santa, and make cookies, and visit with friends and family, and play, and snuggle, and maybe even sleep in once or twice – if you will allow it that is. I’m already counting down the days…

all the love in the world,




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