15 months

Dear Kaylee,

You have spent more days this month sick than well. First a never ending cold and now a ‘textbook’ case of an ear infection. You are able to take most of this in stride, in fact most of the time you don’t seem any worse for wear. However, about two weeks ago you had a fever for three days straight that threw all of us for a loop. Your father and I took turns staying home with you. I had day two, and by then you were so miserable all you wanted to do was cuddle and sleep. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoyed the extra snuggle time. But, with you so out-of-sorts and the weather turning colder we spent the whole day cooped up inside, and mostly horizontal. I even broke down and let you veg out on TV. I love Yo Gabba Gabba almost as much as you do, but after 3 hours curled up on the couch next to you I reached my DJ Lance quota for the week rather quickly. Gabba is the only show we let you watch so I’m not really up on my kiddie television programs. I decided to flip through the children and family section on Netflix out of desperation, and everything looked obnoxious, until I stumbled on a series called Shaun the Sheep. Before I knew it we had watched 3 episodes in a row. I found myself laughing out loud, and you even giggled too. It was magical. That was a few weeks ago now and you have asked for ‘sheep’ every day since. Poor DJ Lance and the Gabbas have been overshadowed by claymation farm animals. To be honest, Shaun is way over your head, but you love it just the same. Not only is it quite humorous, the level of detail in the animation is impressive to say the least.

You tend to spend most of your days dancing, singing, and run, run, running in your cute little toddler way. You understand a lot, and we’re staring to make sense of your newly found vocabulary as well. You most speak in broken english mixed with your own terms so far – ‘wok’ for rock, ‘nu’ for pacifier, ‘nana’ for banana – but a lot more words come out clear like shoes, socks, cat, car, cow, & goat. You even called Grandpa ‘papa’ last week. He’s one up on daddy – who you now refer to as mama with bold certainty. Poor daddy.

You rarely cry now unless, of course, it is to prove a point about how mad you are – but I consider that more of a whine than a cry. When the binky goes flying we know you’ve had enough of our shenanegans. You have also started to have full-blown meltdowns – hurling your little body towards the ground in a wailing lump. Thankfully you don’t have them very often and in most cases they come when you are tired and frustrated over the injustice of not being able to do something you think you should.

We were informed at your 15 month checkup that your little body is perfectly average for your age in every way – except for you torso – which is longer than normal. No surprise there considering your belly hangs out of most of your tops before the sleeves even come close to fitting properly without being rolled up. I should probably get around to making you some clothes again considering the last dress I made for you was finished before you were born. I am looking forward to sewing again now that you are on a real schedule, one that allows me to have some free time in the evenings again. Don’t worry though, I promise not to make anything dorky, pinky-swear 🙂

Kaylee-baby, you are becomming quite the little girl now and it’s hard not to get misty eyed when I see how quickly you have grown. If my time here turns out to be shorter than expected, I want you to know that I had just enough to feel surrounded by all the love in the world thanks to your father, and you.




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