home movies: trick-or-treating

So, we went trick-or-treating…kindof. What seemed like a fairly simple task turned into a huge ordeal as soon as we stepped out the front door. We took Kaylee out early so we could be back in time to hand out candy.  That meant a quick dinner, getting dressed up in her costume, and scrambling to find a bag for her to use because I totally forgot to pick one up. We kept it to the adjacent neighbors so that she could walk on her own. And, I wanted to get some video of her walking down our path in her little chick costume.

Getting Kaylee into her costume was a breeze, mostly because she had already worn it three times by this point. She was also super excited at the prospect of going outside and was ready to go as soon as we opened the door. As soon as we set her down she took off. She didn’t want to hold her bag and was totally disinterested in the trick-or-treating part. Instead she wanted to run and play in the road, pet the big angry doggies, follow the other trick-or-treaters up the block, and throw herself into a whiney heap on the ground every time we intervened. We made it up to two houses before throwing in the towell and heading back inside.

On the bright side, Kaylee did really seem to enjoy the parade of visitors over the next few hours and ran to see who was here every time the doorbell rang. She also liked taste-testing the treats she brought home, all three pieces of them.


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