it just doesn’t pay to be a good citizen anymore…

Scott and I took Kaylee to the park on Sunday in an attempt to enjoy, what might possibly be, the last of the decent weather for the season and ended up stumbling into a crime scene investigation. Upon arriving at the park, we noticed an empty cream pie box and an empty HP tablet computer box strewn about near some trees. So, being a good citizen, and not wanting Kaylee to get into something she shouldn’t, I went over to pick everything up and tossed it in the trash can less than 20 feet away. Heathens…

A short time later, while we were busy pushing Kaylee on the swings, an offers walked over from an adjoining yard visibly searching for something as he came closer. Scott ask how things were going and the officer replied ‘different day different crime.’ Scott then asked if the officer was looking for anything in particular. “A pie box and computer box.”

(oh, crap…)

“well we just threw some trash away”, Scott replied. With that the officer walked over to the trashcan, removed the lid, and said “congratulations, you get to get finger printed.”


I filled out a police report and Scott took his business card. The officer said the detective is out of town but would call me in a few days after he returns to let me know if I still need to come in for finger printing.  He seemed to have a pretty good idea of who was responsible (some neighborhood kids) and thought that if they caught them in the next couple of days I might not need to make a trip to the station. He also told me that if I do get called in, not to wear nice clothes since they will most likely end up ruined because they take prints of your entire hand and it is messy.

(oh boy!)  


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