13 & 14 months

Dear Kaylee,

You’re a mover & shaker! The past few months have been all about profecting your newly gained skills. You’re and old pro at walking now and we often find you attempting to master going backwards, sideways, and your favorite, walking in a circle (spin around, spin around). You can get going pretty fast without stumbling now too, but your movements still resemble more of a stiff-legged jog then a full-fledged run. You are also learning to jumpy-jump, jump, jump, jump, jump. You’ve got the motion down, bend knees then quickly pop back up, but your feet still only leave the ground a fraction of the time.

You have started clapping to show your approval a lot more, particularly if you do something you think is awesome. Mealtime is finally getting more enjoyable again, after a few months of battling over who gets to hold the spoon, you’re pretty adept at using it on your own. About 85% of the food makes it into your mouth now without our help – and you are adamant that we don’t over-step our bounds in this area. I’m sure if you could talk right now, the phrase you would use most often would be ‘I can do it myself!!!!!!!’, but at the moment this sentiment just comes out as high-pitched gibberish followed by throwing your tiny body against the floor in frustration.  For the most part you are quite content though and spend most of your waking hours playing, laughing, and merrily chatting away to yourself and anyone else who will listen.

You say Mommy a lot now too. I often wake to the sounds of you chanting it in your crib in the wee hours of the morning when you’re ready to be awake. You sing a little ‘mommy’ tune to yourself throughout the day as well and often start out all of your sentences with an excited version of it…”MOMMY, blah blah blah blah” followed by pointing and giggling. Your legs are getting longer which also means you’re taller now, and your hair seems to be getting longer, and curlier, by the day. You often still seem so small to me, particularly when placed in the context of a playground or surrounded by other kids your age who often dwarf you in size.

and yet, sometimes you look so big that it can be difficult to remember how tiny and fragile you once were.

You are still really enjoying yourself at daycare where you get to play with your little friends and fun toys. You adore other kids, and are learning a lot about how to interact with people your own age. But, I do miss you when we are apart, and find myself looking forward to seeing your smile at the end of a long day at work.

Even though we have to spend several hours apart, I just love that I get to start and end all of my days with you. Those moments we share together, often surrounded by quiet darkness, are still my favorite part of the day.




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