outings: Pumpkins at Hoffman’s

We stopped by Hoffman’s garden center last weekend to pick out our pumpkins. Kaylee had so much fun exploring.

And of course we paused for a few photo ops.

She really, really, really, wanted to pet the donkeys, but daddy didn’t think it was such a good idea. So, we just watched from afar.

They provide wagons to help get the pumpkins up to the shop, so we took a few rides around the area, pumpkins and all, before stopping to pay.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. We really like Hoffman’s because they cater to the little kids but they are never crowded.  Just our speed with a one year old in tow. Kaylee can take all the time she wants and we don’t have to worry about her getting trampled. Plus there is no entry fee and the pumpkins are decently priced which is a nice bonus.

This is turning out to be a great tradition. So much to love about fall and it’s a million times better sharing it as a family.

And, this time last year…

oh how our little pumpkin has grown! Last year we just plopped her down and snapped a billion pics until she smiled (then quickly picked her up again before a spider as big as she was jumped on her head).  She didn’t move or make a peep the entire time – in fact she slept through half of our trip! This year we had to pin her in with a wall of pumpkins, which was met with protest, and snap a billion pictures – most of them a blur of curls – until we got one where she was both smiling and facing the camera.

Welcome to life with a toddler…


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