a raspberry picking we will go

We drove out to Roal Oak Farm to go apple picking a few weeks ago but ended up raspberry picking while we were there instead. Actually, we thought we could fit both activities in and started with raspberry picking, got tired, and left early, appleless. I still occasionally forget to set my timeline forward by at least 30 minutes to adjust for “Kaylee time”.

There were slim pickin’s, but we managed to fill up two containers. Kaylee got bored almost right away so we took turns chasing her up and down the rows of bushes while trying to get our containers filled. The weather was nice but a bit cool, which kept the bees at bay.

She prefers walking on her own now, and while she is quite speedy these days, it can be difficult to reach any sort of destination without a certain amount of herding. This is one of the few ways she’ll permit us to carry her around while outside when she would rather be off running wild and free.

The farm had a small petting zoo, including a buck-toothed alpaca. Kaylee was quite intrigued by this strange new creature.

We stopped for pictures,

and shared a great iced apple cider drink. “Shared” being a relative term since Kaylee polished off most of it on her own.

It was a great fall day for the fam.


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