dirty little secret: yo gabba gabba

So, before Kaylee was born we (I) decided that Kaylee wouldn’t watch any TV based on the American Academy of Pediatric’s recommendation of no television before 2. I’m fully aware that it will rot her brain and potentially inhibit her speech by approximately 10 fewer words. I was steadfast and preachy in those early days. I even gave up watching it entirely myself. That was before she began exploring her world, and ours, which includes things like Xbox and iPad and computers and Netflix and Hulu…and daddy’s who turn it on, sometimes all at the same time, without even thinking about it. Then, one fateful day, I found myself at my computer with a fussy baby in my lap. I surfed to YouTube, typed in Yo Gabba Gabba, and the rest was history.

We got her a Brobee pillow for her birthday and she adores him. She drags him everywhere, often plopping down on him in mid stride for an impromptu cuddle.

She loves it, and we really like it too. It is short, quirky, has catchy music that isn’t overly kiddie, and is  filled to the brim with special guest stars from actors to musicians (our favorite is “New Friends” from season two with Jack Black). We often find ourselves laughing and singing along, and we don’t even mind watching episodes over and over again. The show has become something that we bond over as a family – and it’s hard to see that as a bad thing – brain rot or not.


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