Outings: Wedding


Scott’s childhood friend, Alex, got married over the weekend. The ceremony was held at their new home, which is about an hour and a half away from ours. We drove over during nap time and Kaylee was too busy watching the world go by out her window to be bothered with a silly little thing like sleep. By the time we arrived she was cranky, and it was close to 90 degrees out with a fair bit of humidity. Not a good combination. Thankfully the breeze kept us from melting away inside of our fancy clothes.


(note to self – take time to dry your hair next time before leaving the house so you don’t look like a 10 year old boy in the nice pictures with your family – dork…) Alex’s bride, Keo, is from Laos and they had a traditional Laos ceremony in her native tongue. Several of her relatives flew in for the big event. The house was packed with beautiful Asian people, with perfect skin and sparkly outfits, speaking a mile a minute. It felt like another world.


Needless to say we were quite lost, and about 10 minutes in their living room felt like an oven as the temperature rose with the body heat. Even despite the language barrier, things seemed disorganized and chaotic. Although she wasn’t fussy, Kaylee just couldn’t sit still and was frustrated that we wouldn’t let her walk around with the rest of the kids (who were older and able to avoid falling down the stairs). I gave up wrestling with her and headed outside where I spent the next 45 minutes chasing her up and down the block. Eventually Scott came out and other guests from Alex’s side joined us too, each bringing with them cranky kids and reports of the events going on inside as best as they could describe without knowing the language. Apparently there was some sort of negotiation between Alex and Keo’s father for hand, people tied them together with string, and they fed each other some sort of fishy looking substance.

Back outside, Kaylee was having fun exploring with the other kids.


But, after about half an hour her cheeks got flushed and her whole body was moist. We took her back to the car, gave her a bottle, and put on the a/c.

We heard rumors of a parade to come, but by noon we were starving and took Kaylee to a local Applebee’s for lunch. Kaylee fell asleep on the way back over so we made the decision to cut our stay short and take her home. Scott stopped back inside to say goodbye while I stayed behind with our sleeping beauty in the car; Reflecting on another of the many ways being parent has changed my life – like putting her first no matter what, even if it means missing out on wedding cake (oh sweet buttercream, how I adore thee).



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