12 month pics

We finally got around to taking Kaylee in for her 12 month photo shoot. We’re closer to 13 months, but it still counts. It was a lot more challenging now that she’s walking. While she spent the entire time in good spirits, she didn’t want to sit, she walked out of the shots for the standing poses, and was shy for the photographer.

She spent most of the time with her arms up over her eyes trying to hide from him, or like this:

It was very odd, and not something we had ever seen her do before. We did get a few cute ones though.

She’s wearing the dress and sweater I bought for her from Old Navy the day I found out we were having a girl. She looks just as adorable as I imagined she would in it too.

In other news, Kaylee saw her first toad today. Scott caught one while mowing the lawn and brought it over for her to check it out. The first thing she did was reach out and grab it, then proceeded to try to put it into her mouth. Luckily I manged to intervene just in time to save the little guy from joining the party if Kaylee’s tummy.


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